The DDM Newsletter Redesigned

We recently redesigned "The DDM Newsletter", our monthly newsletter that comes out on the first of each month. We wanted to do more than just share about upcoming dates and reminders. We wanted to give you a true inside look into what Divine Deliverance Ministries as a whole does, and has to offer. Thus the idea of constructing our newsletter like a magazine was formed.

Our new design is a clickable PDF that is delivered through email. You can click on the picture, the paragraph, the icons, and the obviously stated click here buttons and away you go! It takes you from the PDF to the internet, making it easier and faster for you to get to where you want to be. Wanna watch and learn how to make a recipe we featured in that month's issue, with one *click* you're on our YouTube channel watching it in seconds.

We don't just feature recipes, we also feature our members of DDM. We have a section called "Get to Know Our Leaders", where each month we showcase a leader of DDM. They have written a paragraph about themselves with details they want to share with you. And we can't forget about all the ministries we have at DDM: Women of Wisdom, Men of Integrity, Single With Value, Divine Design (couples who are dating), Divine Unity (married couples), DDM Youth, and A Family of Helps Missions . . . I bet you didn't know we had all that 😊, there's something for everyone!

And as a special treat for the upcoming holiday season we are going to incorporate some seasonal related printable activities. Who doesn't love a good puzzle or coloring sheet, am I right?! There's so much we want to share and we found that having a clickable PDF newsletter gives us the power and creative freedom to do just that. So I one question to ask, have you signed up for our newsletter yet?

To sign up and get this months newsletter sent to your inbox click here. We hope you enjoy!

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