Your Outdoor Safe Haven

Incase you haven't visited a Home Depot or Lowes lately, you should know that having a decorated and functional outdoor space is all the rage right now. It's true, that during the summer you always see people decorating and redoing their outdoor spaces, but now with quarantine still in affect for some, creating an outdoor retreat is now at the top of people's DIY list.

Don't worry if your outside space is smaller than most, the picture shown above is proof you can turn your little nook into a private oasis.

This space started out as an empty waste land where four onion sprouts sadly perished and summer plants struggle to stay alive. After a good sweeping, the redesign process started.

The first step was screening in the patio to help keep out those pesky flying bugs. Patio screening materials can be found at your local home improvement stores. Please make sure that if you stay in an apartment or if your renting that you've been authorized to screen in you outside space.

Next, add your personal design touches that make you want to go outside and enjoy your space. Show your innovative side, by using objects in different ways than it's intended purpose. Like using a barrel planter pot as an outdoor table by flipping it over and topping it with a cork circle cutout, set it between your chairs and place a drink on top.

Getting into seating, now may be the time to splurge on that beautiful outdoor set you’ve been eyeing, or if you already own some well loved lawn chairs, spruce them up with a little spray paint (make sure the paint is outdoor weather friendly). Last and certainly not least, add in any special touches you want. Discount stores like Ross are getting in great outdoor decor pieces. Use pillows to and greenery to add a pop of color, and then start enjoying your newly redesigned outdoor oasis.

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